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Spas & Saunas

Our Spas

Spa-3A spa is the perfect year round way place to unwind and relax with family and friends whilst offering many health benefits at the same time. Since 1992, Jetform has been involved in the design and installation of numerous spas and have incorporated them in to many of our new build swimming pool projects. We also supply portable / free standing models which have increased dramatically in popularity for both outdoor and summerhouse installations in recent years. Prices start from £3,000 inc. VAT, so they are no longer the ‘Luxury item’ which people cannot afford. Spas also offer an ideal distraction free zone creating time to reconnect with the kids and refocus on the family. Purchase price is very important, but so too is quality which ultimately effects maintenance and running costs. We do not sell ‘cheap’ imports which have no support or backup.

Typical Spa features include:

  • Ozone disinfection killing up to 99.99% of microorganisms typically found in spas.
  • Strategically placed therapy Jets targeting major muscle groups.
  • Cascading Waterfalls
  • Diverter systems, so the user can control the amount of water and air to each seat.
  • LED Lighting. Changes colour with numerous light shows.
  • Padded Headrests for added comfort
  • Microban® is a antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the spa’s surface.
  • Fully insulated shells for maximum heat retention and minimal heat loss.
  • Optional sound systems with Radio/CD/MP3 players
  • Rigid foam Covers.

Sauna / Steam Room

It is a well-known fact that heat in all its forms stimulates the body and enhances the sensation of mental and physical well-being. Jetform can design and install a bespoke thermal experience for both commercial and private clients. Alternatively, we can supply freestanding portable units. Our range of expertise includes:-
  • Traditional Sauna
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Hammam - Steam Rooms
  • Heated Loungers
  • Ice Stations
  • Pool

Traditional Sauna

Dating back over 2000 years, Finns used this dry heat bath to cleanse the mind, rejuvenate and refresh the spirit. Best enjoyed at temperatures of 75 - 90’C in a relative humidity of 20 - 35%. Now and then you sprinkle a ladle of water over the hot sauna stones and feel the unique tingling sensation as a wave of heat penetrates deep into your skin. Manufactured from traditional woods, such as aspen, alder or spruce.

Ice Stations

Designed to deliver a chute of flaked ice into a bowl or pedestal. This ice is rubbed on to cool the skin between heat treatments.

HAMMAM (Steam Room)

sauna-2 Arabic word meaning “spreader of warmth.” The medical benefits of the Hammam date back to 200BC. The traditional steam experience allows the body to absorb heat which stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of antibodies and results in a total wellbeing experience. Benefits include pain relief, muscle and joint relaxation, respiratory benefits, detoxification, improved circulation and metabolism, and a more refined skin texture. Steam rooms are very different experiences to saunas and require specially designed rooms finished in glass, plastic, stone or tiles. Humidity levels are maintained at a constant 100%. However, the temperature does not rise above 40 - 45’C, so you can enjoy the experience for as long as you like. You can further enhance your steam room experience with optional LED or fibre optic lighting, music systems or aromatic essence injection.   sauna-3

Infra Red Sauna

This form of sauna is based on infrared radiation and has little in common with traditional sauna. The equipment emits IR-B and IR-C radiation which penetrates deep into your body.

Heated Loungers

Heated loungers are increasing in popularity, as a means of relaxing or as a pre-treatment to massage. The loungers are heated either by electric element or hot water beneath the tiled finishes blank