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Swimming Pool Construction

Owning your own swimming pool should be the culmination of a dream. Aside from buying your house, having a swimming pool installed will probably be one of the most considered purchases you’ll ever make. Choose the right pool for your house and garden now and you will be rewarded with many years of pleasure and a feature that will add great value and desirability to your property.


Swimming Pool Design Services

Jetform can provide a specialist design service to assist in the more complex projects. This would include design/coordination meetings culminating with the issue of performance specifications, pool, plant and environmental control system drawings. These documents could then be used to go out to tender and will ensure all tendering swimming pool companies are pricing for an identical scheme, enabling easy cost comparisons

Our hope is that the client will want to keep Jetform’s involvement and that we will successfully secure the contract to build the swimming pool. This brings considerable benefits because we have an in depth knowledge of the whole project from the beginning and any possible implications of later design changes as the project progresses.

Please contact us for details of our design or consultancy fees..

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(Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association)

SPATA member

By choosing Jetform as your swimming pool contractor, we are full installer members of SPATA. As a result, you can be confident you are dealing with a company which has been fully vetted by the Trade Association and works to the highest possible construction standards.

The benefits of using a SPATA pool swimming builder are numerous. First and foremost, you rest assured that we are working to exacting standards, using the latest techniques, and complying with current government legislation and building standards.

Today more and more people are incorporating leisure facilities within the home. These are not limited to swimming pools or spas, but include sauna, steam, massage rooms, gymnasiums and cinemas are growing in popularity. Design is essential to ensure that bespoke installations integrate efficiently into the operation of the house.
To achieve this it is becoming a normal requirement that we are involved at the very early planning stages as part of the initial design team which can include the :-

  • Client
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • M&E Consultants
Swimming Pool Contractors