Finding the Right Pool Builder

Before you go ahead with choosing the design of your new swimming pool, it’s worth knowing what to look for when choosing your pool builder.

Decide what you’d like in terms of the look and finish of your pool, and what your deadline is for completion of the build. Then you can quickly get a variety of quotes from swimming pool builders. Then compare them to see who can come closest to the design you have in mind, and who fits in best with your schedule.

Here are a few more considerations when choosing which pool company to work with:

Track record

How long has your chosen company been around? Are they experienced in building the type of pool you want, and do they have experienced and well-trained specialist engineers and builders?

Quality and design

Browse your pool company’s website and look at their portfolio. Does the quality of the work look to be of a very high standard? That’s an important consideration of course, but also look at the designs themselves and if you like the styles available. You may be able to have a bespoke design, but if not, make sure you like their design style before you buy.

Specialists in their field

Not every company focuses only on swimming pools and it’s best to go for a company that does only that and nothing else. You’ll be sure the quality is higher and that the people are specialists at what they do with the right skills and experience, which is a great way to have peace of mind during your build.

Clear pricing

Check your quotes and make sure each company gives you a clear and itemised list of every part of your pool build. Make sure that the price you are quoted is what you will pay, and that there are no hidden extras.

Membership of SPATA (Swimming Pool Allied Trades Association)

SPATA  members are known for their high standards and their business ethics, so choosing a SPATA member is a wise move.

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