How to Give Your Old Pool a Whole New Look

If you have an older pool or you’ve just bought a brand new home with a pool that doesn’t really suit your tastes, you don’t have to rip it all out and start again. There are some relatively easy options that won’t create a lot of disruption in your home, but that will give your pool a fresh new look:


Modernising your lighting could lift the look of your pool. You could opt for LED lights which last longer and are far more energy saving than older bulbs. Not only could you install beautiful new lights in your pool room if you have an indoor pool, but for either indoor or outdoor pools, LED lights can be installed under the water to light up your pool in a variety of gorgeous colours.


From adding a shower nook outside or a cubicle indoors to putting in a feature waterfall, there are endless things you can do to make a pool look like new. Simply adding beautiful plants can make an indoor pool room look amazing and lift the feel of the whole space, or if you don’t mind a bit more work being done, you could have the current tiles taken out and replaced with beautiful, modern tiles that are completely to your taste. Choose from porcelain, ceramic or glass for creative designs and gorgeous mosaics that will smarten your pool up in no time.

New Liner

Just a simple change of your pool liner can revitalise your pool and make such a difference. You can choose your liner colour to give a completely different look, or simply stick with your old favourite but with a fresher, new lining that brightens your pool.

Change your pool kit

While this won’t alter the look of your pool, it’s a good idea to have your pumps, heaters and filters checked regularly and to replace them when needed to give you the best experience possible when using your pool. You’ll likely also save on running costs as technology improvements bring in more energy efficient equipment.

  • Swimming pool planting
  • Mosaic swimming pool tiles

Looking to refurbish your Pool?

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