New Build House Project North London

Domestic Pool and Spa in North London


  • 13m x 5.3m (max) Pool
  • 1.5m Constant water depth
  • Spa (2m x 1.8m Depth 0.9m)
  • LED lighting
  • FLUVO Counter Current System Stainless Steel
  • High Water Skimmers
  • Freeboard 100mm
  • Environmental Control System
  • Porcelain mosaics throughout Pool and Spa
  • Heatstar Pheonix Air Handling Unit

This stunning Swimming Pool and Spa was part of a new house build project in North London. The pool hall is built at ground level and the extensive use of external glazing allows in lots of natural light. This enabled the use of darker finishes within the pool to create this contemporary yet  inviting swimming pool and spa.

The client is a keen swimmer and the Fluvo Counter Current System produces a powerful  flow of water to swim against. Alternatively, it’s great for a Hydro massage.  Clever use of mirrors aid to bounce the light around and create the illusion of even more space. The Pool and Spa have completely independent heating and filtration systems, allowing for increased bather comfort and better water quality.

The Bespoke Spa is 2.0m x 1.8m accommodates five bathers, is equipped with 30 massage jets delivering relaxing hydromassage of boosted water and air.  The Environmental Control System formed part of our works and utilises a Heatstar Pheonix Air Handling Unit.