New Build Swimming Pool Suffolk

Domestic Pool, Spa, Sauna and Steam Room


  • 10m x 4.3m Pool
  • 1m Shallow end increasing to 2m water depth
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • LED lighting
  • In situ walk in steps
  • Safety cover

This new build swimming pool was part of an extension project to a stunning rural period property in Suffolk.  The classic English Oak framed building provides the perfect building for this new leisure facility. The blend of porcelain mosaics produces the traditional ‘blue’ pool, the client was keen to produce.

Safety was paramount for the client with young children, so the pool incorporates a below ground safety cover, which can be walked on without risk.  The Environmental Control System formed part of our works and utilises a Heatstar Air Handling Unit.  Primary disinfection is with traditional chlorine in conjunction with a UV system.